Episode 26 had a faux pas and needed to be corrected.

Episode 26, “The Case of the Merry Minions” was made available on Monday, January 10th. After a few hours we were informed that there was a problem with the episode. Our crack episode review team sprang to work and reviewed the episode and discovered that Act 2 was repeated twice and Act 3 was omitted completely. The editing correction staff corrected the problem and Episode 26, “The Case of the Merry Minions (corrected)” was made available today, January 11th. If further problems occur the correction of the correction will be performed by the publishing branch of the upload board. It is sincerely hoped that the problems will be rectified without having to sack anyone. Doug Schaffer, however, accepts full responsibility for the above mentioned faux pas and the review committee is starting an investigation as to whether recommendations will be made concerning allegations that he should be let go. Mrs. Shaffer can neither confirm or deny that she is expecting their fourth blessed event.